Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vera and I

This is Vera our Dog we love her and she loves us. We got Vera after the floods when her owners moved to an apartment and they gave us her either to keep or to give her to her original owner who lives in Rockhampton.
Things are now very different because we have to feed Vera, pick up poo and we now play with Vera.
I love Vera because she is so cute. She asks for tummy rubs by making a little moan and flopping on to her back. She gives lovely warm sloppy kisses. She is very funny when she stares at Daniel ready to eat any dropped food. This is because Daniel is the messiest eater.
She likes to play with balls, to have some company, attack the wheels of the wheelie bins and to chase bush turkeys and other birds.
She barks at nearly everyone who goes past but only in a playful manner because she just wants to play. If she goes for a walk with Mum she walks Mum, then they walk together and then Mum walks Vera.She tries to attack smaller dogs but she is always wagging her tail.
In Winter she comes into Mum's room and lays down. She has started getting under the desk to keep warm and she thinks that Dad won't notice she is there when he goes to bed and therefore will not put her out. She hasn't tricked him yet. When he puts her out she moans and gives him an angry face.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


This morning we went to Kangaroo point to receive a $4000 cheque for my little athletics club, Toowong Harriers. We woke up very early to go to Kangaroo point around 6:00am I'd guess. We met Kochie, Mel, Natalie Barr and Anna Bligh. We only saw Grant Denyer and Campbell Newman. We had a sausage and some bacon on a bun, Yum Scrum. Eskimo Joe played live music. We then recieved the cheque went on television and left after having a Roaring good time.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Major Problem

NOOOOOO! some robbers are stealing the Millennium falcon! Clones are racing along the country followed by Rebel Troops, while Captain Rex on the helicopter is close in pursuit of the falcon. Includes Anakin Skywalker, Clone x2 ,Clone jetpacker,Captain Rex,Robber x2 and Rebel Troop x2

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Communion

I had my first holy Communion and Confirmation last Sunday (the 6/6) at a 10:00am Mass. It was at my school's church and we had a party afterwards at home where I'm typing this. I did it with Father Peter Quinn and Father Greg Jacobs. Heaps of people in my class did it and one of my friends from hockey. I have never seen my friend from hockey wear a dress until this past Sunday. She looked quite unique and nice. My two aunties and cousins came, one uncle, both sets of grandparents, Mum, Dad, D and Genevieve came from Canberra. She was my godmother for Baptism and on Sunday she was my sponsor for Confirmation. I wore a white shirt with CUFFS, a green and blue striped tie, long black pants and my black school shoes. I very secretly wore yellow and maroon Broncos socks because I was baptised in Broncos bootees. I got confirmed to become an adult in the church and I received all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The best gift of the Spirit is "Awe and Wonder" because God is AWEsome. Mum and Dad took me up for First Communion. It was the first time I had the body and blood of Christ.
I got heaps of presents from family and relatives and my sponsor. This photo is a cross from Genevieve. It was made in El Salvador in South America. In the middle it has a host and chalice. On the sides where the Holy Spirit is there are some doves and there a picture of people going to church at the bottom and a rainbow up the top.
Please tell all your friends about my blog.

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Procedure

Origami Crane
We have been learning about Japan at school. We were assigned to make a procedure about how to make a paper crane. I put it up here because I think it would be nice to show everyone. Using PowerPoint was pretty cool.
Note - So far I have raised $58 for the Origami Crane Fold-a-thon on Friday April 20. I am going to fold ten cranes in the hour. Leave a comment if you would like to sponsor me.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I Wimped Myself

Mum told me about "wimping yourself". I like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books a lot. They have got this website because there is going to be a Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie.

Origami crane fold-a-thon

This term I have been learning about Japan and the story of Sadako Saski and the 1000 paper cranes. I would be very happy if you sponsor me in our class Origami crane fold-a-thon. It is between 2:00 - 3:00pm on Friday April 30. I think I can fold 10 cranes in an hour. The money is going to my teacher Miss Healy's friend Mrs Gallagher who builds schools over in Cambodia. Mum and I found this picture on Mrs Gallager's Facebook page. We saw it in our classroom when she came for a visit. I think school would be hard in Cambodia because they eat breakfast there after they have done the cleaning of the school. I like how they have either the morning at school or afternoon.

For more details leave a comment below or e-mail me: vikingboy2000@gmail.com