Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Communion

I had my first holy Communion and Confirmation last Sunday (the 6/6) at a 10:00am Mass. It was at my school's church and we had a party afterwards at home where I'm typing this. I did it with Father Peter Quinn and Father Greg Jacobs. Heaps of people in my class did it and one of my friends from hockey. I have never seen my friend from hockey wear a dress until this past Sunday. She looked quite unique and nice. My two aunties and cousins came, one uncle, both sets of grandparents, Mum, Dad, D and Genevieve came from Canberra. She was my godmother for Baptism and on Sunday she was my sponsor for Confirmation. I wore a white shirt with CUFFS, a green and blue striped tie, long black pants and my black school shoes. I very secretly wore yellow and maroon Broncos socks because I was baptised in Broncos bootees. I got confirmed to become an adult in the church and I received all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The best gift of the Spirit is "Awe and Wonder" because God is AWEsome. Mum and Dad took me up for First Communion. It was the first time I had the body and blood of Christ.
I got heaps of presents from family and relatives and my sponsor. This photo is a cross from Genevieve. It was made in El Salvador in South America. In the middle it has a host and chalice. On the sides where the Holy Spirit is there are some doves and there a picture of people going to church at the bottom and a rainbow up the top.
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  1. Hello Eric

    I have just read your blog. I find it hard to believe you typed all that. Very well done. I like the Cross very much.